Description of the CPIHTS


The CPIHTS is a scientific association of Social Work and Social Sciences (Diário da Républica, III série de 29/9/1993[1]), composed by researchers of, not only Social Work but also other subjects related to Social Sciences.


CPIHTS is a pioneer centre in Social work investigation and it operates within the domains of academic qualification, degree recognition (1989), Master’s degree (1995) and training of the first doctorate in 1993.


CPIHTS aggregates part of the social workers, who began the MA and Doctorate in Social work in 1987, created the “Investigation Department of Social Work History” and developed the research project “ The Construction of Social Work Knowledge”[2].


According to its by-laws, the main aims of the association are the study and research on Social Work and its History, social problems, policies and intervention in the Portuguese society; publication of results of its activity, promotion and holding of debates and other events of scientific nature related to social matters, relevant to the social and professional intervention; the interchange rapprochement with similar organizations of both national and international nature.


The team framing is an indicator of the consolidation of the research on Social Work. In 1993, the team was composed of 6 elements: one Master and one Doctorate. In 2000,  it aggregated 16 people: 5 researchers with a doctor’s degree; 6 Masters and 5 graduates. At the present moment, the team consists of 21 investigators (both national and international): 14 doctors (8 in Social Work, being one member beneficiary of a postdoctoral scholarship in Social Work); 2 qualified in modern Philosophy; 2 in Sociology, 1 in Political Sciences and Sociology, and 1 in Social Policy); 6 Masters (4 in Social Work, one in Intercultural Relations, one in Economics and Social Policy), four of which are candidates for a doctor’s degree; and 2 graduates, candidates for a Master’s  degree in Social Work.


Since the beginning, CPIHTS has enlarged its international relations and productions in Social Work, in Portuguese-speaking territories, European Community and The United States.


As a scientific association, with no profitable aims, CPIHTS develops its project, based on a free willing/collective effort of its associates/researchers, being represented by the results of the researches, that provided its members with qualification; on its diffusion through publications (books, magazines, papers), which take part of the bibliography of both graduate and postgraduate works; on participation in academic qualification processes (licentiate and Master’s degrees, jury, Direction of research projects, project assessment) as well as on the organization of national and international scientific events.


The financial support granted by public organizations, reinforced and consolidated the activities carried out by this center, namely regarding the minimal infrastructures and equipment, necessary to the regular function of the center.


[1] Official Newspaper, III Series de 29/9/1993

[2] “A Construção do Conhecimento em Serviço Social”