CRITICAL ANALYSIS ON CPIHTS EVALUATION by the International Board of EVALUATION of Sociology, anthropology, demography and Geography of FCT 2002/2003

  1. Throughout ten years of experience on social research, the CPIHTS has become strong as an autonomous project in the social work disciplinary area, being established in I&D Unit, institutionally recognised to an academical level as a national and international partner, through the co-partnership of our researchers in graduate and postgraduate education (degrees, MAs, doctorate and post-doctorate degrees).
  1. It is relevant to acknowledge the objective growth of the number of doctorate researchers integrated in Social Work, Philosophy, Sociology and Economy disciplinary fields. Moreover, the academical qualification process of our researchers, supported by national financing organisations (FCT, PRODEP) is also worth being taken into account.
  1. The following items represent the most relevant indicators of this Centre’s scientific activity:

3.1     The achievement of academic degrees by its researchers;

3.2     Publication of MA dissertations, Doctorate thesis, regular scientific papers and essays;

3.3     The CPIHTS’ academical production, mostly on social politics, Social Work History and Investigation, Professional Ethics and Deontology, Juvenile Law, Gender, planning and assessment of curricula, projects and social work fields are bibliographic references in graduate and postgraduate courses.

3.4     Editions website (internet)

3.5     Organization of national and international scientific events and disclosure of the emerged

  1. CPIHTS is a host institution, which receives international postgraduate researchers at a social work level, scholarship holders of CAPES and Cnpq from PUC-SP and UFRJ (Brasil)
  1. The worldwide cooperation has reached the United States (University of Minnesota, University of California at Berkeley and San Jose State University), European countries such as Germany (Alice Salomon Institut) and Spain (ISCA) and Latin American countries (Brasil – University PUC-SP; UFRJ; PUC – Curitiba; research centres: CIPEC - Interdiscipinary Centre of Research and Consulting of Public policy; NCA - Juvenile and Child Centre; Chile: Universidad ARCIS).

The CPIHTS has its own facilities and provides the researchers with the minimum and necessary research equipment, having created a Document Centre, which assembles a bibliographic, documental and audiovisual acerb.

Taking the previous descriptions into account, we do not fully share the valuation given to CPIHTS by the International Board. Although we accept some of the suggestions proposed, the given assessment does not sum up the effort and engagement of the CPIHTS’ research team, throughout the past years with the financial support that it has been granted.

Alcina Maria de Castro Martins

Coordenadora Científica

Bernardo Alfredo Henríquez Cornejo

Presidente  do CPIHTS

Lisboa, 28 de Agosto de 2003